Energy requalification in Milan

Inside the circle of the Bastions, near the Muba, a museum and space entirely dedicated to children, there is a trendy residential area, full of railing houses, a model of the Milanese home par excellence. A house hidden from the eyes of passers-by, but an expression of a shared sociality now lost which now leaves space for silence. A house renovated to become a jewel of modern architecture.
We start from the consolidation of slabs and then we intervene on systems and coverings for a strong energy requalification. Aeropan VP-R is installed on the walls, a super-thin and high-performance material with a core based on nanotechnological Airgel.
The underfloor heating and cooling system is by the Italian company Heatile and is based on an hydronic system with self-locking panels just 13mm thick. For the heating, cooling and domestic hot water production system we rely on the hybrid "all-in-one" system, Factory Made, from the Emilian company Immergas.
The architectural project was commissioned to the architect Giulia Lassandro Oooh Studio, and translates the tastes and needs of the young family into a bright and warm space, which has its essence in the large living room delimited by the kitchen. Here, in the morning, when leaning against the statuary counter you sip your coffee and the sun fully illuminates the room, the blue of the kitchen contrasting with the roughness of the oak floor and the pure white of the walls reminds us of a holiday on the Mediterranean coast and… the energy to face the day is immediately found.

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STARTING DATE 03-07-2023
ESTIMATED END 29-02-2024

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